Tribal x Hurley "LEGACY SHOW" Coverage June 12 2014, 1 Comment

Those of you who live in Cali and are part of the car/bike/art and photography that thrive on capturing the
vibes from the scene will recognize the buzz that surrounded the Legacy Show. Held at the Hurley
Headquarters in Costa Mesa who along with Tribal Gear. Hurley and Tribal brought their imaginations together
to create a show that left you Hypnotized. The show had a feel of being at a home 
away from home with cars and bikes cruising up and down the street bumping their oldies tunes giving
us a feeling of being back at Montebello Park on Whittier Blvd on a Sunday afternoon but with the cool
beach breeze flowing through the palm trees.
There was something around every corner to peak your interest. The skate park, surfboard sculpting, tee 
shirts printing, poster printing and the main attractions, El Rey and the legendary Gypsy Rose.
Displayed in a room with the walls covered in a 70’s style throwback event posters made by Hurley Printing Press.
It was the place where the show goers, car owners and the artist gravitated to. Either to continually scan the walls 
for a poster that popped or to talk in what felt like a room that gave an scence of being in 
the church of Lowriding.
Thanks Bobby Ruiz (Tribal) and Hurley for this breath of fresh air in thinking outside the box to bring a show
that involved different scenes together but similar when it comes to creation of beautiful art and a love for it.
I read a quote by Albert De Alba Jr. (El Rey) that said, “It definitely is one of the best shows I've ever been to and It
was an honor for us to be apart of it”. Hurley and Tribal (Bobby) swung for the fence on their first pitch and hit a grand slam
with this event. We to are very honored and glad to have been selected to be part of this memorable show. We hope that Tribal 
and Hurley team up again to make this an annual event.